As They Grow is not responsible for any item that malfunctions or is defective.  Before bringing in your items please check the following link to make sure your items are not on the recall list.

As They Grow does not accept any GUNS, KNIVES or BOW AND ARROWS

We look forward to consigning with you soon!!

AS THEY GROW | 3368 Center Grove Suite A Dubuque IA 52001 
(563) 845-7999

Items we accept:

Clothing and shoes preemie through junior's and maternity such as: Sleepers                                Onesies                   Bib's and Burp Cloths

Outfits                                  Shirts                      Pants

School Uniform's                     Pajama's                  Coats/Jackets

Belts                                     Hats                        Dresses/Skirts

Baby and Children's Gear:

Bassinets                              Pack n Plays             High Chairs

Bouncy Seats                        Jumperoo's                Exersaucer's

Strollers                              Cribs                         Play Mat's 

Toys                                     Diaper Bags              Changing Tables

Baby Carriers                       Baby Swings              Bumbo Seats

Backpacks                           Boppy Pillows             Baby Monitors

Children's Desks                   Chairs                       Bedding

Sporting Apparel (newborn through adult) and Gear, such as:    

Team Sweatshirts and sweatpants                         Yoga Pants

Track pants                                                         Track Shoes

Workout pants and tops                                         Sneakers

Baseball and softball-bats, gloves and balls

Baseball, softball and football pants and cleats

Footballs                           Basketballs                   Volleyballs

Basketball and Volleyball shorts and shoes

Tennis Rackets                  Tennis Balls                 Tennis Apparel

Boxing gloves                                                       Punching Bags

Cheer leading accessories and shoes        

Dance shorts, pants, bags, shoes and costumes

Lacrosse and apparel and gear

Hockey apparel and gear                               Ice Skates and apparel

Ski Clothing and Gear                                   Snowboarding apparel and gear

Soccer apparel and gear                              Golf apparel and gear

Sporting Bags                                              Roller Skates

Roller Blades                                               Long Boards

Skate Boards                                               Helmets

Knee Pads and Elbow Pads